Okay, this book i am writing is about Scourge, my favorite warriors character. The characters in this book are listed below. Please take note that some of them are NOT really in the warriors saga, i made them up. Okay, here they are:

Scourge`s Mission


Whitestar- Massive white tom with barely visible silver stripes down his tail


Spoteye- small she-cat speckled with dark brown spots on top of her light brown pelt


Scourge- small jet- black tom with one white paw, extremely sharp claws, and cold-staring, evil blue eyes Apprentice, Whitepaw

Tigerstar- massive dark brown tom with tiger- like darker stripes and long front claws

Blackfoot- white tom with massive, jet- black paws

Midnight- ferocious pure- black cat with piercing yellow eyes Apprentice, Milkpaw


Milkpaw- plump toriseshell she-cat with a ferocious attitude

Whitepaw- muscular black cat with all white paws and gazing amber eyes

This is an EVIL clan that was driven out of the forest because they were becoming overwhelmed with power, going straight for their foes` weaknesses.


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