I had a couple of really... strange dreams yesterday and today. Yesterday I woke up, but then went back to sleep for a few minutes and somehow ended up dreaming. I dreamt of Chuck Norris shaving a pot-bellied dude's hairy stomach. It was just... gross. *shudders*

Last night I had longer dreams, but I can barely remember them, and when I try remembering, it fades away. So in the dream my gym teacher suddenly falls from somewhere, stomach cut open half way (like how Sweeney Todd cuts throats) and blood was splattering everywhere. The blood looked pretty fake though. :/ He also gave a strange scream... Not really strange, but just out of character I guess, but then I've never heard him scream. I told my friend about the dream and she laughed and said it was probably reflecting my true feelings about him. XD XD

On that note, I was singing Alone Again during lunch then took a drink of water from my bottle, my voice fading just before I took a sip. Then my friend mimicked how I'd sounded while I had a mouth full of water and I laughed, spitting my water back in my bottle (or at least most of it) and started choking/laughing so hard. It was so funny. XD

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