i like her i thought she liked me but the more i learn about her i relize she could never like me she is too perfect and im too me. shes beautifull and funney she smart and all around awsome. when ever i talk to her i automaticly go from a  to a  she makes me want to go and when im thinking about her "all the time" i just cant help but smile . Then i think how she likes someone else and not me and i cant help but get sad knowing its not me.i relise that what she said about him was not ment for me to see but when i did i cant help but get sad knowing that she likes him more than me when i read it i saw how she has good frainds and also started questioning if she likes me at all. she does not know how beautifull she is or how wonderfull and all around amazing she is.  i know she will probaly never see this but if she does she will never know its about her.

Topics: perfect
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