Your milk complexion and glow,

cold but still something about you that makes me want to reach up and touch you,

oh how I long to step foot on you,

how it would feel to have the dirt between my toes,

how few has had that chance and still didn’t take advantage of that,

some night I sit in my window wishing to tie a rope around your waist and pull you towards me.

Some nights all I do is marvel at your beauty as I like to call you the beauty of the night.

You shift the tides in my world and turn heads;

your present is known and felt when not there.

Some nights I wish that the world would give you a break and let you just roam its face holding my hand, skipping without a thought in our heads,

but happy to have one another’s company.

But there you are, all you do is spin around my world,

there are no changes in you at all,

but the eye perceives what it wants and some nights you’re closer to me,

even if it’s just my eye that sees it that way but those nights are when I’m happiest. 

Topics: inuderf83, my, moon, writer, prompt
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