Hurrr hurrr. HELLO EVERYBADI! I will be hosting the k-pop blog numbero uno. In case you don't know k-pop, google it (no, not like the VOCALOID song). Today I will share some updates! Voting ends tommorow for MTV IGGY Best New Band...

IN THE WORLD (Oh my gawd) 

   You have to vote for 2NE1 everybody~see that ad at the right when you try to post a blog? WELL. CLICK IT FOO. Foo? Food = w =. Anyway! What was your reaction when Bigbang won at the mtv ema's? Were you pissed off? Were you crying with joy? Were you having seizures? Because Bigbang won for the world wide act which is pretty hard against Britney Spears. I like Britney Spears but I really wanted Bigbang to win XD. 

   Did anyone vote for the Asian MAMA? It's so hard with all of the BEST groups out there! 

Best k-pop song of the week-


Why'd you choose it?

Because of the music, and how touching it was (I don't cry, cause' I'm manly?) AND THE RAAAAAP LOL. 

Tip of the day -

If you make a mistake typing (like accidently highlighting your words and deleting them) just press CTRL Z. 

Ta da~!


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