This isnt about me; Who I am and what I see; Its about passion and fear, Pain and lust with many tears; A cold war is on the brink; I cannot even blink; My heart is shattered, my blood spkattered; I can no longer see anything; A quiet voice will sing; I am scared to figh; Baby its not right! You fight; from day to night; aanting the pajn to end; Nothing hut anger you send; Baby please stop!  Baby please; I am scared! Please listen; as my eyes moisten, Please, plesee listen. I need you to hear; My heart cannot bear What is happening; whats in store; Help me please; I need you! I am scared to fight; this cant be right! What is wrong; This  do not belong; Why do you mock me; Mke things only you cn see? Baby pkease, stop this now! Stop before I figure how I xan end it Without life here. Baby... This war is scsry; With your hands bloody; Guilty; Faulty. 

I am afraid, Baby. I dont want to lose you, but youre the one who Decides whether r not Im gone. One last song... This battle has me Scared To Fight.

Written on my Kindle- Seffie. 

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