this is a really stupid peom that i wrote, probaly the stupidest, maybe you will enjoy it

                                   ~ why i hate you

i hate it's when you smile at her
i hate when she smiles back
i hate it most when you compliment her hair
i hate it how you always tell me what i lack
i hate it when you talk to her, but with me you fight
i hate it when you try to make me mad
i hate it how you prefer the light
i hate it when you show off
i hate it when you hit me
i hate it why you don't know what pain i'm going through
i hate it when you can see her, but are blind enough not to see my heart bleed
i hate it how you torn my heart
i hate it how we used to be friends
i hate it how liked you from the start.

love can be hard, it's not worth losing an old friend.
Topics: hate, you, poem
Quote:Originally posted by: akatsuki291
but its good
thanx ^^
  • May 19, 2008
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