Well, everyone, I couldn't wait another day to put this online, so I might as well do it now because I have nothing else to do besides doodle or something. Here's Chapter 2 of Cold Slayer for the people who actually have the patience to read my fanfiction. Enjoy my work! (BTW, I think the next chapter is gonna be really long, so don't think this will be the most patience you'll ever need for Cold Slayer)
Cold Slayer: Chapter 3: Isabella

Phineas packed up his essential belongings and climbed out the window. As he carefully climbed down the ivy creeping up the side of his home, he could hear his mother say in translation, “Phineas? Phineas, w- *gasp* CANDACE!!” Phineas started sprinting away in fear from his house with deep pain in his soul. He could feel a tear run down his face and onto his sweater. He was abandoning everything after a terrible fight.
“I wish that had NEVER happened. Candace, if you can hear me, I really miss you and I am ever so sorry. I just wish you could be back with me but this time, sincere,” Phineas whispered as he slowed down to a walk, “All I wanted was for you to be happy. Come back…” Phineas found himself getting extremely exhausted, so exhausted he couldn’t even walk anymore. His leg muscles gave out and Phineas dropped to the forest floor, blacked out and realized that he was tired from the fear. One last tear escaped from Phineas’ eye and burst on the rich ground soil in the woods.
Phineas later woke up to the sound of a woman’s voice in his ear; however, it didn’t sound very petite. The voice sounded a bit gruff. “Are you okay? Wake up… wake up. Open your eyes,” the voice whispered attempting to comfort Phineas.
Phineas opened his eyes to a tall, thin young woman with dark black hair and eyes bluer than the Indian Ocean at noon. She had a bow over one shoulder and a quiver full of arrows crossing her body at the other shoulder. Phineas sighed and for some strange reason, felt like he was floating on air.
“My name’s Isabella. I’m a professional archer from Scotland. If you are off to anywhere far away in particular, I may be of your assistance?” Isabella helped Phineas up to his feet.
“Oh! Well, um, I’m not off to anywhere in particular. I just ran away from home.” Phineas answered, shrugging. The two sat down on the grass under an oak tree.
“What happened, if I may ask? Not to be rude or anything. Was anyone being unfair there?” Isabella sounded interested in his story.
“I came home and my sister went insane on me. While trying to protect myself, my sword went straight into her side and instantly killed her on contact. I’m still upset about it.” Phineas slouched down and ran his fingers through his hair.
“I feel so sorry for you. You know what; I have a huge secret that I’ve never told anyone. A while back, I lost two people dear to me too. I’ll never be able to forgive myself for abandoning them in that crisis. I miss them so very much, that getting them back has become the center of my life. That’s why I…umm… traveled out here.” Isabella put her head down and folded her hands in her lap.
“Oh, I’m so sorry… I can totally relate. I miss my sister more than anyone and I would give anything to see her again. She was the greatest sister ever even though she led a terrible life, but deep down I knew she didn’t ever mean to do anything like that to me or anyone else.” Phineas sighed and looked up at Isabella.
“I’d love to hear more, but how about we go somewhere else to fit our accommodations and talk? How about the tavern nearby? Are you all right with that?” Isabella asked Phineas while he was in a trance of sadness.
“Yeah, that sounds good! When we get there, I know someone you might want to meet.” Phineas mentioned as they both walked off side by side to the tavern. He fell behind and mumbled to himself, “Wow. I wonder if she’ll want to go and find the ice dragon with me. What have I got to lose?” Then, it occurred to Phineas, “Well, then again, I may not find that dragon anyway. There’s only one left in the world and God only knows where the heck that thing is… I might as well just take things slow while it’s still early.” With that, Phineas continued out of the forest with Isabella.
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