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Naruto RPG Character

Picture and description: I haven't drawn him yet
Full name: Chikuro, however most people in his village call him the "Dark One"
Gender: Male
Village: Outskirts of Rain (But still in the town)
Age: 15
Rank: ...Jonin (Evil)
Height: 6'3"
Team: Evil

Personality- Chikuro has always been a unemotional child, ever since his birth his yellow eyes have not shown any sign off emotion. Very few know his true self do to how quiet and alone he is.
Books of magic and Jutsus, darkness.
People who thing they are "hot stuff", braggers.

History/background so far:
Chikuro was born in travel, his parents had to stop in a deserted desert checkpoint. They were on their way to the "new world" and still had a long way to go. On the day of Chikuro's 5th birthday his mother died from a uncommon disease. Only a few days after his father died from something very similar.
Chikuro was adopted by his Uncle and moved to the outskirts of Rain away from the townsfolk, who found a person who had yellow eyes and death white hair to be something close to a alien.
Chikuro never went to school, while his Uncle worked back in town, Chikuro would fill himself with the knowledge of books which he asked his uncle to pick up from the library back in town.
Chikuro makes his own spices and herbs. He carries more than 300 in his pack allowing him to both heal and give damage to others. He doesn't carry a weapon due to his lacking in physical strengh.

Element: Water
2nd Element: Lighting (When "Shocking Surprise is used)

Note: Chikuro is extremely vulnerable to physical attack, meaning all physical attacks even in the form of touch are a one hit KO.

Shocking Surprise-By using to massive power within his Chukras Chikuro can draw any magical attack through one arm and then blast it out the other in the form of lightning.
Weakness-left vurnerable during cycle

Skating ring: Constructs a ring of ice tilted to prevent physical attackers from getting too close.
Weakness: Traps Chikuro inside ring, preventing movement until help arrives.

Melt-Melts into a pool of water shielding himself from attack for no more than 10 seconds.
Weakness-Takes time to fully complete transition Attack during change of state, results in death.
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