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Name: Serizawa Kento
Gender: Male
Village: Konoha
Age: At least 20, claims to be older
Rank: Jounin
Discription: Working on picture
Hair: White
Eye Color: TBA, cannot tell because his forehead protector covers them
Hieght: 6'0
Green Konoha style jonin vest (no red spirals & is unziped), white t-shirt underneath, white arm warmer on his right arm, cargo shorts, scroll pouch on belt loop, black sandels.
Element 1: Fire
Element 2: Lightning
Clones: Shadow

Personality: Normally quiet, laid-back, and friendly, though he can get loud and excited , Kento likes to hang in the backround. If no one's talking, he'll get a conversation going, but backs out when it gets going. Comentates and makes smart remarks about people. But when things get serious, so does he. He has an incredibly strong sense of justice & get really mad when the inocent are threatened. He seems to be hiding a deep sadness within, but doesn't talk about it. (will post the story behind it on my blog...SOMEDAY!!! BWAHAHAHA! U HAVE TO WAIT!...yea, i doubt ne1 cares. oh well)

History: He came from an unidentified village where evrything (& everyone) had been destroyed around the age of 15 (or so it appears). He was just learning ninjutsu, but was also very skillful. So not to put his talent to waste, Konoha became his adopted village, because that is where he first heard of & learned some ninjutsu. His konoha headband is tied to his arm warmer, while he wears a second, beat-up old headband from his home village over his eyes. He learned is first ninjutsu when he heard of the great Uzamaki Naruto when he was about 14. It was the shadow clone jutsu, and it took him a month to master it (aka, making 20 clones at once).It seems that in the past he's come across Scorp Zanadim, as the two seem to hold a grudge against each other. He the last of a mysterious bloodline of ninjas calling themselves "Skylans" rather than human-beings, due to their supposebly unfathomably power. He's not willing to show anyone their abilities, claiming it would bring only death and destruction. His arm warmer is actually a restraint, keeping himself from using his full abilities.

Likes: Freedom, justice, helping, heat, instigating fights with Scorp, training.
Dislikes: Evil (true evil, not petty crimes), Scorp, the cold (60'F and colder, it slows his reaction time)

Invintory: Nothing but the clothes on his back, his scroll pouch, and a wrapped up katana-which he carries on his back- that he never uses.

Kekki Genkai
100% Chakara Control: Part of his kekki genkai that slipped past the restraint. He can use his chakara as a weapon similar to the way Gaara controls sand, though it takes on a firey look. This is actually how he see's while his eyes are constantly covered. In addition, molding chakara is easy as that *snap!* for him
Mechanics Time- The way he see's is by keeping himself in a cloud of chakara. He uses it as a radar so anything that enters it becomes visible to him. Most of the time chakara is invisible, so a normal person could not see it. But someone with the byakugan or sharingan could see it.
Crystaline Skelliton: Pretty basic. His skelliton is made out of an odd organic crystal material. It is (so far) unbreakable so his bone can neither be broken nor cut in half.
Spontainious Regeneration: Whenever he is cut or stabbed, he regenerates in a matter of seconds. He can do the same with his chakara network as well, but it takes a few hours for them to become normal again.
Body Temperature: He has an abnormaly high body temperature (120F). In addition, the heat doesn't bother him at all & he is stronger in hot weather.

Basic Taijutsu
Salamandra Fist: A combination of fire & lightning chakara engulf his arm (it looks like it's on fire), the fist takes the appearance of a flaming dragon head. He can use it in close-range tiajutsu or he can extend its "neck" to fight from a distance. Like fire, it burns the opponent, but even after it's run its course the burn on the opponent will slowly grow. The electical side of the jutsu messes with the chakara system under the burnt skin, bending the chakara "wires" to make the flow of chakara a bit more difficult. If treated soon after, it'll be as good as new.
Rotation Flash: Basicly charching the opponent & using rotation when getting in striking range. While the foe is flying through the air, he uses a chakara powered sprint to run faster than they fly to intecept they're landing and use rotation again. The process is repeated a few times within 10 seconds. (It feels much longer to the user.
Chakara Death Sea: He lets 50% of his current chakara out of his body and uses it to throw around and burn at his opponent for a few minutes (similar to what Gaara did to Lee). Warning- Only use as a last resort. One would barely be able to stand after using it.
Shadow Clone: do i really need to explain it?

-His Salamandra Fist uses a desent amount of chakara. It also burns away at his skin (he can still regenerate) and clothes (which can get embarassing if he uses it to long; the longer he uses it, the hotter it gets, the more is burned away). In addition, it messes with the chakara flow in his arm. It regenerates as well, but it takes a few hours, so he can't use the same arm to use it twice in the same day.
-As mentioned before, Chakara Death Sea uses almost all of his chakara. So it'd better do the job or else he's done for.
-Although he can regenerate & he can't be cut to pieces, he still needs to: eat, drink, & breath
-In temepature lower than 60'F he starts getting really uncomfortalable, slow, and irritated. It obvious that he doesn't handle ice/snow style jutsus well.

Intelligence: 20
Stamina: 20
Chakara: 40
Speed: 25
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