Hey, guys. I'm making a new OC right now for my manga Xynamant 05. Right now I'm kind of in need of help, because I don't know exactly which hair color I like the best for the character. So if anybody could vote for which hair color you like the best on her, I would appreciate this. Here's the picture of her:

I haven't gave her the name yet. These words above her are the names I gave each of her hair color.

The deadline is June 30th. Whoever picks one hair color the most, I'll use it (example: if people picks red the most, I'll give her a red hair color).

If it's June 30th and nobody votes, I'll have to give her a red hair color.


Nightsky looks best ;D

Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer your questions. <3

Personally, I like Lava best. :D

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