it was tough, seriously, you guys are all wnderful... but i had to choose, so...

first place: safiraurelia

second place: WeLoveAnime98

third place: bolt220

I'll be messaging all of the winners about their prizes!! Great job everyone and thank you for entering!!!

Hey, I felt like hosting a contest. So here it is!

Theme: vocaloid. Draw whatever, but it must be vocaloid related!

All website rules apply, so like keep it mature and everything... You don't have to draw with the program from this site but I'd prefer it.

First place: a drawing by me (A nice one. On photoshop (actually GIMP. I'm cheap. But its the same thing). It will be very pretty). And I'll leave comments with constructive criticism on five of your drawings and five of your tutorials (or however many you have, if its less than five)

Second place: a drawing by me (also a pretty one).

Third place: A drawing by me (but drawn on this site. I need practice with this program anyway)







DEADLINE: June 13 (that's two weeks from now).

IMPORTANT: The deadline may be extended for a few reason that I don't feel like getting into right now, but it will not be shortened, so take your time and stuff.

Also, I might add more prizes cuz they seem kind of lame ._. But not right now.

I hope lots of people enter ^_^

ill enter but let me get my drawing brain on hee

Yay! I'll join. :3

ahaha okay you're in

EDIT: yay another person!

Okay, here's my drawing! :D

I have to post it on deviantART instead on here because I don't have enough space to post.

That was my first Hatsune Miku drawing I've done. ^_^

i'll join! here's my entry! [sorry i uploaded it at DeviantArt ]

Nice job people! Your art is very perdy!! I can't wait to see who else enters!

my names not rinage lol its angelerin5

I enter my new one on Deviant, just a better version of Rin on Sai

Hope you like it

yay more entries! These are pretty awesome you guys!!!

now im definatly not gonna win i dont how u people do it but i have to draw with the mouse!

Same here, but I got my old mouse back, perfect fit for my hand

I.... am.... in! Im gonna draw it with the mouse, but ill try meh best! :3

Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer your questions. <3

Wow all you people draw with the mouse?! You do really well! You should totally invest in a tablet some time though they are soooooo amazing!!!!!!

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