If you want to join all you need to do is make a poem, It can be about anything but plez include a drawing with it if you want (optional). Here is 2 poems to get you a head start. :3 

~Friends Poem~                                                 Just be friends no matter the bad nor the good stay together no mattter unsure, your friend is a friend, and a person is a person no matter how mean or nice, your friend helps you through the hard times and give you lunch even if they have little friends are friends and so are we.                                         ~Dream Poem~                                             ~Love is Love, Dreams Are Dreams Love is a magical thing to keep to me,Clouds and shine is all that makes you smile Dream is a Dream, as we live each day we touch the sky with pride so high.Dream is a Dream and so is me.~

All of those poems i made my self soo i hope i really helped, and make sure you tell me that you are entering ^.^ GOOD LUCK! (Event Ends April20)


Why not? I'll join.

I'll join Smile Do we post the poem on this bulletin, or do we send it to you?

ummm you can put on here or message me if you want :3


Indy 500

The lights turns green

They're off with a scream

Faster! Faster! Avoid a disaster

Round the bend they speed,

Which one will succeed?

Number 3's in a spin, he won't win

5 hit the curb, he's lost his nerve

8's out of the race, just look at his face!

10 has won, it was really great fun

 i want to join it sounds sick XD 

i guess ill join it sounds not depressing


Love love

from everywhere

will always stick wiv u






For life is fast

Death is slow

Life will glow

You will know

That god is ready

To take you home

I will must take part in poem contest. I want too see how to make and speak poem at great contest..
I once was watching television, and I slowly slept,
I left the TV on for hours and hours, I don't know what happened next.
I once woke up hours later, and my body was weird,
My legs were thin, the world was flat and it looked very queer.
There was no up, no down, there wasn't a floor or ceiling,
Is this a dream or a nightmare? I had a weird feeling.
I once knew what this was like, but I couldn't remember till then...
It once again appeared in my head, I was in the 2nd dimension.

just a nobody on the internet

-tp '15
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