hi!its me anime_chibi giving you a tutorial about how to draw a chibi girl

  1. first,you must have a pencil(offcourse) then a paper or something then let us start....
  2. next,draw a circle then offcourse  guidelines
  1. after that draw the uniform well you choose you can draw a t-shirt etc.
  2. well then,let us continue... draw the hair..
  3. after that erase the guideline  (in the head part only) then draw the eyes
  4. then make the mouth....after that erase the guidelines.
  5. and for the last one color ^^
  6. HOPE YOU LIKE IT^^ AND HOPE IT HELPS♥♥  ........SMILE..................... Uploaded with ImageShack.us">

Originally posted by: Ookami-Ai

I havent got the slightest idea what steps 2 and 6 say.

sorry ill make next time better Unhappy
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