but you need to fill in the following:

real name:_________

age:__ do you have a feeling your gonna win:_______ why:________

up to march  21 only

there will be a drawing contest of anime-manga-chibi-kawaiis-animals.if you win you will have a big prize..but there will be rulez so read and follow:

1.no cheating

2.use your original artwork only

3.don't be  show off if your gonna win

☺please enjoy and have fun☺

  ♥☻☺♦♣♠○◘• and there will be extra........everyone who joined this contest must send me it on march-21-2010 and if you give it to me on 20 it will be okay but send me it early ..and if you haven't send me the drawing yet and i have decided who is the winner you will have a prize but you must have a GOOD REASON WHY DIDN'T YOU SUBMIT YOUR DRAWING..but that prize would be not special there HAVE FUN DRAWING ☻

I would join.. but Im really bussy... maybe if I get time ill join.

I think I might join if I have time...no time these days T^T


and you have a typo in you last sentence kinda gives a mixed message

did you say animals is an option?ill join if so.

Originally posted by: Daveyboy99

did you say animals is an option?ill join if so.

yah ♥
sounds cool ill join ^^

uhhmm.. kakashi_123, you said "if ever i mean ever follow the rulez you get report and blocked??" or you mean if ever you dont follow the rulez you can be reported or blocked


I think I'll enter. I'll post a character I based off of a warriors orochi game.

Either that or Yukimura Sanada.

Originally posted by: Hollow_Ichigo

on the second rule do you mean that we have to invent a character or an original character from anime/manga??

no it means draw anime/manga that you made yourself not getting drawings from others ok

this one mine



Originally posted by: Hollow_Ichigo

this is my drawing http://www.drawingnow.com/forum/id_1300-a-awesome-drawing-contest.html

where i went to the link it brought me back in the forum
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