Kagome: Inuyasha! Are you ready yet!?
Inuyasha: Ready!? I was born ready!
What Inuyasha didn't know was that he wasn't ready for the surprise in his midst. I could sense something would happen today, but I didn't warn him. I thought since Naraku was gone, then we wouldn't have to worry about anything else and could continue our lives, and relationship. I've always liked Inuyasha. I know he likes me. Why can't I tell him to his face? Holy crap he's leaving me!
Kagome: Wait up Inuyasha!!!
Inuyasha: I told you I was goin on ahead! Weren't you listening?
Kagome: Yes...(no) I just wanted to go down bone eaters well together, you know, in case you need protecting.
Inuyasha:  Hey, I should be concerned about you getting yourself into trouble. You've been rackin my brain with 'are you sure Naraku's dead?' and ' What will we do when we get back?' Geez!
Kagome: Wait, I never asked you that last one.
Inuyasha: That's the point!

I'll do the rest later, give me ideas of what to happen next
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