can you recomend an anime? 

Well it depends on your taste.

Some romance animes-

Kimi ni Todoke

Skip Beat!

Clannad (drama/romance)

Ouran High School Host Club (romance/comedy)

Angel Beats (Action/romance/comedy)

Love Hina (Harem/romance)

The World God Only Knows (romance/harem)

Demon King Daimo (romance/harem/comedy)

Baka no Test (romance/comedy)

Eden of The East (romance/action/suspense)


Angel Beats

Outlaw Star

Night Raid

High School of The Dead



Bo Bo Bo


Lucky Star

Maria Holic

You can google good anime, The bold ones are the best in my opion Smile. You should watch Hetalia, Angel Beats, Clannad, Maria Holic, Demon King Daimo, and The World God Only Knows. Anime websites are, and

Good to this website and chose a random one
Websites: or net


hell yeah! >>>>>>>>>

prince of tennis/nabari no ou/ghost hunt/mushi-shi/ghost in a shell/jakie chan adventures/detective conan/house of five lifes/ and my fav king of anime........................Naruto!!!!!!!!!+shippuden

<3 enjoy<3



Zomg is non-exsistant anymore. Shame.

Here's what I recommend:

Suzumiya Haruhi

Dragon Ball

Sgt. Frog

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball GT

Naruto Shippuden

Yugioh Original

Sonic X

Lucky Star

Dr. Slump





Afro Samurai

Baki The Grappler

Case Closed




Blue Dragon

Blue Gender

Chrono Crusade

Devil May Cry

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken

F-Zero GP Legend

Final Fantasy

Fullmetal Alchemist

Kappa Mikey

Lupin the Third

Ponyo (Movie)

Spirited Away (Movie)

Naruto (Original)

One Piece

Ragnarok the Animation

Ramna 1/2

Sailor Moon

The Transformers

Yu Yu Hakusho

The Boondocks

BOOM! That was a long list. Hope you like my recommendations!

Shugo Chara


Well I would recamend a Romance/Comedy called......Oh and MO stands for  My Opinion

Fruits Basket    MO...LOVE IT

And a Vampire Saga  Vampire Knight   MO...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

An  LOL saga   Yamada's "First" Time   MO...LOL


Naruto Shippuden is the best anime to watch. Its my favorite too.

[URL=]Watch Eureka Episodes[/URL] , [URL=]Watch Ghost Whisperer Episodes[/URL]

I dont know if this counts as anime but you can watch pokemon on Citv (72) at 7:45am on week days and I dont know the time of pokemon black and white at weekends but its in the morning after 8'o'clock at least.

hi there if u like death note n haruhi suzumiya, i recommend u to watch ghost hunt n ghost shell. if u wanna more horror n mistery, u can watch blood +. this anime is really cool. n if u r a shakugan no shana fan, u can also watch zero no tsukaima n for your info thats story from d same artist.

I really recommend Elfen Lied and also hell girl is a good one although the real story only starts after a few episodes
If you want to watch anime that's more like funny you should watch working :D I liked that one haha (:
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