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I've become bored with Drawing now, Not because there is nothing to do, but Its starting to become more of a socal network than a learnig website.

None of the older members get on anymore, the new ones just spam, and I get about 30 PMs saying some thing along the lines of 'you should add me' Or 'add me and rate my drawings!' At first I did not mind this but now its just annyoing. (No offance to anyone)

Were doing good with the contest thing but now its just 'REQUESTS' 'I will do requests' or 'Anime request' Its kinda like the contest, so many people are doing requests now now one wants to post in them forums.

The 'upload drawing' button in the top right corner gets used to upload google'd images insted of your own work, it even sais "- Upload your original artwork only." but its not inforced.

My drawings get removed from the site when I upload them, for some reaon I do not understand.

Still no admin support, We have one Staff illistrater who is doing there best but no one really uses the tutorials for help. Sorry Fiery, I know you have a life and can only do so much, but I guess there is nothing to do anyway.

I'm not going to stop visiting this site, I just wont get on as often, anyway guys if you want to talk with me or see some more of my work you can add me on Deviant art at this link

Thanks for understanding guys.


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