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I understand completly, and when your say the image rule is not enforced, well No rules what so ever are enforced, honestly, Im after seeing a person with a nude girl in there gallery, Nothing was done for a good while about that, and as for the fact of the social network, I go on livechat alot, and i would say 60-70% of the people have nothing in there gallery, The ones that do not, say they dont draw, or they cant upload them, I say wats the point of even comeing here, When i first joined this site about 3-4 years ago, (had a different user) but when i did, it was all about the drawings, not its just about makeing an account and what people think of you,(all these fake emo kids with no drawings what so ever) But yea, im not comeing here as much anymore, just check in every now and then.

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